Who is Cypher?

The cyber superhero (as far as we can tell) known as Cypher has struck again.

The recent start-up of low-level thugs going by the name Jinx recently tried to hack their way into not only Justice Alliance servers, but the database of the SuperHero Commission as well.

Broadcasting over the internet that their intentions were to reveal every superhero’s identity that’s been sealed by the SHC, many grew worried in recent days. The Alliance, led by Supron, reassured the public that all digital files were under level 6 firewalls, and there was no cause for concern.

We reached out to Frost, who recently revealed her own identity, and she had this to say:

“I went public with my identity of my own will and volition. My peers, those who choose to keep their identities a secret, should have their privacy protected and shouldn’t be under this threat,” she told TCZ.

Mr. Mimic also commented days before the attack, stating, “We at the Justice Alliance are taking this threat very seriously. We’re working with local law enforcement, and different digital agencies, to ensure the safety of all members of the Alliance.”

That’s when the Jinx website went dark. The Alliance, the SHC, and even the Pentagon all tried to hack their way through Jinx firewalls, all to no avail. But when the Jinx website went dark, no one knew what to expect. Then Cypher’s logo appeared on their website, with a message.

“Criminal hackers of the world beware.

Black hats and white hats come and go.

I am neither.

I am Cypher.”

We’ll update with any new information as it becomes available.