Lazerbeam Stops Attack

Lazerbeam is recovering tonight at Parkfield General after stopping an attack in by Rattler. The venomous supervillain had been attacking citizens of Parkfield, as his plot to overtake city official failed again.

During the battle, Lazerbeam suffered from the Rattler’s bite, which has killed five city officials in the past. Doctor Grandside, the medical and science expert of the Justice Allaince flew in as soon as it happened and urged Lazerbeam to recover at Alliance headquarters. The laser visioned hero declined though, releasing a press release that he’ll stay in the city he’s grown to call home.

“When I came to Parkfield,” Lazerbeam said in the statement, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. But this city and community have been fantastic. This is my home now. I’ll recover and continue to protect it.”

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