Rumor Alert: New sidekick training?

The heatwave over King City continues, but that’s not the only thing heating up. Rumor has it the Justice Alliance is training a new sidekick!

The latest gossip, other than Forge’s latest escapade with Hollywood starlet, Gina Halloway, is that there is a new sidekick being trained by the Justice Alliance. Subscribers will remember Hydro and Mighty Miss are the last ones to make their debuts and become official sidekicks for Supron and Ms. Majestic, respectively.

Rumor is this new sidekick is a teenager and has only developed the meta-gene in recent months. That seems a bit early to TCZ for a sidekick to already be in training, but other websites are reporting the entire Alliance is very high on this sidekick, and his superpower, which no one has been able to confirm.

Gossip websites are speculating on just which superhero will end up mentoring the sidekick. Mr. Mimic has not trained a sidekick in over five years, but with other superheroes out there, like Granite and Aurora, one has to wonder where this sidekick will end up.

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**As always, take TCZ rumors are submitted anonymously and are purely speculation unless sources can be confirmed.