Mr. Mimic stops Axe Smasher!

In a battle high over King City, Mr. Mimic was able to take down Axe Smasher, but not before the supervillain destroyed a King City News helicopter that was following the battle.

Just after 1 p.m., local time, Seymore Franklin (known to the public as Axe Smasher) was discovered using his super-powered axes, demolishing a building near the east side of King City. The axes, which were stolen from a holding room inside King City Police Department, were under lock and key for the better part of one year, after Axe Smasher was caught and sentenced to Chromium Penitentiary. After the riot earlier this year at Chromium, numerous breakouts were discovered, Axe Smasher being one of them.

Using the super-weapons, Smasher made it to the top of the Logan Building and held the news crew hostage to issue his challenge to Mr. Mimic, who originally put the villain away. After the challenge was issued, Smasher destroyed the helicopter and threw both members of the news crew off of the side of the building, but Mr. Mimic made it there in time to save both of them. Setting them down on a neighboring building, he then engaged with Axe Smasher and was able to overtake the villain, who’ll be getting sent back to Chromium Penitentiary.

“The Justice Alliance is doing everything we can to find and recapture all who escaped Chromium,” Mr. Mimic said, after the battle. When asked what superpowers he used, Mimic answered, “Obviously flight, and super-strength. Those are usually my go-to powers. I decided on heat vision today, for my third power, and I’m glad I did. I was able to melt a part of the roof, enabling me to take advantage of Seymore.”

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