Ms. Majestic Holds Charity Event

Ms. Majestic’s inaugural charity event, A Future for All Worlds, was held at King City Tower last night, and the stars came out to take pictures, donate, and celebrate life.

For All Worlds was created by the superhero, originally from the planet of Kratoa, in an effort to not only celebrate alien lives here on Earth, but also to encourage the continued support and embrace of both humans to other alien races, and vice-versa.

“It’s an amazing thing she’s doing,” an attending superhero, Granite, commented after the event. “We need to embrace all of our differences. Just because someone comes from somewhere else, looks different, sounds different, or anything [like that], that’s no reason to hold them at arm’s length and be afraid.”

“We’re aliens,” Mighty Miss, Ms. Majestic’s sidekick, added earlier in the night. “And there are a lot of aliens living on Earth. Many don’t have the luxury that Majestic and myself have of looking exactly like humans. That can be a scary thing. I’m thrilled to be a part of this event and raise awareness that everyone should be treated equally.”