Supron and Hydro Stop Birdy Gang!

Supron and his sidekick, Hydro, stopped the Birdy Gang, who recently escaped from Steel Rock prison.

Jeff, Jason, and Greggory Birdy, the three brothers who have caused havoc in neighboring cities, were sentenced last month to Steel Rock. Authorities said they were able to escape the prison through the sewage tunnels.

Supron and Hydro were dispatched from the Justice Alliance immediately. The fight started in the city square, where authorities were able to block off a section, giving civilians a protected area, and then traveled to downtown Edgewater.

Onlookers say Hydro was able to establish a force-field of water, trapping the Birdy Gang down Fifth Avenue. Supron was then able to slam down to the ground. Using his lightning manipulation, a small round of lightning circled above the water, keeping the gang in check and unable to run away.

When asked for comment, Supron was quoted as saying, “Hydro did the heavy lifting. Citizens of Edgewater can rest easy, your city is safe still.”

Edgewater hasn’t been home to its own superhero in a number of years, but the city has had the support of Granite, Aurora, and Supron for years. Those superheroes, in addition to the police force, have kept Edgewater in pristine condition, and thanks to the recent takedown it seems Edgewater will remain safe.