The New Sidekick of King City

In what’s been an anticipatory wait, the newest sidekick of King City finally made his debut!

The sidekick, now known to the world as Worm, seemed hesitant. After answering an initial question about the possibility of pressure, due to the fact that there hasn’t been a superhero in the Justice Alliance with the power fo teleportation in over fifteen years, the young sidekick then regrouped.

“Mr. Mimic has been a great mentor, and he’s helping me to adapt to everything.”

Readers of TCZ will remember rumors have been flying for the past few months about the possibility of a new sidekick in King City. There was even gossip on tabloid sites that one was injured a month back, but the Justice Alliance would neither confirm nor deny said incident.

Some online sites are already questioning the name choice of the newest sidekick, but there have been worse. Possibly the most notable, Snot Rocket, who worked as a sidekick before being promoted to superhero. He’s since retired, but long-time readers will remember he hated his name. Though, like Worm, it makes sense. Acid being shot out of your nose is a truly peculiar superpower.

In any event, traveling through wormholes is generally how we know teleporters work. Other than the chuckling-inducing name, by all accounts, Worm seems to be turning heads. Super GQ, Teen Supers, and I Heart Sidekicks, are now all running articles on the young man, and he’s climbing the charts rapidly as becoming one of the more sought after sidekicks to be interviewed. Teen Supers even has a poll, asking voters to decide where Worm ranks as part of the ten coolest sidekick reveals ever.

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